Mary Cleary Drywall and Carpentry - ph:(215) 885 5850         fax:(215) 885 5851
Assist in unloading of materials and fixtures ( see labor rates)
Equipment: Forklift, dollies, A frames ( drywall carts)
Mall Floor Protection:
Masonite runways for pallet Jacks.
Barricade Removal:
Removal to dumpster supplied by others $15.00 per LF
Removal including disposal of Materials(dumpster)  $19.00 per LF
Temporery water supply
55 Gallon water drum and pump for cleanup, drywall finishing, etc.

Floor Protection:

Premium Protection: 1/8" or 1/4" Masonite laid end to end and seams taped. (ask for estimate).

Gold Protection: Ram board (Temporary floor protection in Rolls).

ADA Signs:
   Braille exit signs          $16.00
   Braille restroom signs   $16.00
   Men & Ladies rm sign    $30.00
Letters and Numbers  
Fire Extinguishers
Mall Touchup Paint      QUOTE

All Items are priced installed.

COI: available at additional cost.

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